#9 Data Transfer - Subzero Ice Punch!

Episode 9 August 18, 2022 00:46:17
#9 Data Transfer - Subzero Ice Punch!
Data Transfer
#9 Data Transfer - Subzero Ice Punch!

Aug 18 2022 | 00:46:17


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This week, as with every week, Audrey and Korla have your back with another episode of Digimon Adventures to discuss! Korla got to see the Pride festival in her town for the first time, even got to party~. Audrey got to see her own event, and by the sound of it it's a pretty rad time!

Frigimon! Frigimon! We love the big ice man, folks. We begin where the last episode left off, with each kid & digimon pair stranded on rapidly drifting chunks of broken island. Tai and Agumon in particular end up on an ice floe, desperately making their way to warmth and shelter when a black gear-infested Frigimon comes after them. We love this big fluffy man, and we love his 'we couldn't afford Dom Deluise' vocal performance. Before long, Tai and Agumon manage to catch up with Matt and Gabumon, but finding his little brother is their next priority and that part doesn't seem so easy. Oh yeah, also Mojyamon happens and that's pretty unfortunate.

Intro & Outro music: Dating Start! by Toby Fox

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