#11 Data Transfer - The Dancing Digimon

Episode 11 August 25, 2022 00:46:46
#11 Data Transfer - The Dancing Digimon
Data Transfer
#11 Data Transfer - The Dancing Digimon

Aug 25 2022 | 00:46:46


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It's not quite Halloween yet, but we're coming at you with a spooky episode of Digimon Adventure! Audrey and Korla share a little bit about their busy week, and everyone's pretty darn relaxed as we make our way into our digital journey.

Joe & Gomamon are caught on the ocean with no island or ice floe to work with. Ogremon pops by to show them what a crate guy he is, but they're having none of it and escape after Gomamon digivolves to carry Joe away. They fail to make it far, and the two of them sink under the water. Also, Sora's having a great time fishing! This ends abruptly when she catches Joe on her line, and the two of them head off for shelter or signs of their friends.

What they end up finding is Bakemon, a set of spooky ghosts that can combine into one bigger, spookier ghost! They defeat Bakemon with some truly wild The Secret tactics, and set their island on track to meet back with the island.

Intro & Outro music: Dating Start! by Toby Fox

Twitter: @rftbAudrey & @KorlaNeumono

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