#1 Data Transfer - And so it begins...

Episode 1 August 18, 2022 00:37:27
#1 Data Transfer - And so it begins...
Data Transfer
#1 Data Transfer - And so it begins...

Aug 18 2022 | 00:37:27


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Our hosts, Audrey and Korla, introduce themselves and some of their interests! The show introduces us to its cast! Did you know Digimon Adventure 01 starts by casually dropping global climate disaster? Tai starts strong with the backhanded compliments. Isekai-rora Borealis?! Handhelds that predate the show itself! Despite being cute, the Digimon come off pretty spooky. Kuwagamon is BIG and SCARY and also a BUG. That's all, folks!

Intro & Outro music: Dating Start! by Toby Fox

Twitter: @rftbAudrey & @KorlaNeumono

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