#6 Data Transfer - Togemon in Toy Town

Episode 6 August 18, 2022 00:46:14
#6 Data Transfer - Togemon in Toy Town
Data Transfer
#6 Data Transfer - Togemon in Toy Town

Aug 18 2022 | 00:46:14


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POO WARNING! You have been warned!!

We return once more with your favorite weirdo queer hos, Audrey and Korla. When they're not being incredibly gay, they're playing even more video games together and getting (eugh) schwifty with it again...

This episode starts at it means to go on with walking through a sewer and poop monsters stalking the party. One of them even develops a crush on Mimi, a fact the hosts continuously lament. Eventually the gang splits up when the poop gets mad at them, which leads to our antagonist for this episode--Monzaemon--picking them off one by one. Mimi and Palmon are the only sane ones left after the rest of the kids are hypnotized and forced to run around Toy Town, a genuine nightmare of a place. We also get to see Palmon's digivolution, and she's got boxing gloves! Gonna give 'em the old one-two!

Intro & Outro music: Dating Start! by Toby Fox

Twitter: @rftbAudrey & @KorlaNeumono

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