#30 Data Transfer - Stiched-Up Cum Gutters feat. Leslie

Episode 30 January 05, 2023 00:45:35
#30 Data Transfer - Stiched-Up Cum Gutters feat. Leslie
Data Transfer
#30 Data Transfer - Stiched-Up Cum Gutters feat. Leslie

Jan 05 2023 | 00:45:35


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Hello and welcome to yet another fine episode of Data Transfer! This week, our hosts are joined by the lovely Leslie from Fangs for the Memories. She comes along just in time to see some wild shenanigans involving trains, balloons and ten-pack abs. Come along with us, won't you?


Intro & Outro music: Dating Start! by Toby Fox

Twitter: @rftbAudrey, @Korla_Neumono & @dangitleslie

Check out Radio Free Tote Bag, Audrey's relationship advice podcast! And while you're at it, take a peek at Fangs for the Memories!!

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