#10 Data Transfer - A Clue from the Digi-Past!

Episode 10 August 18, 2022 00:46:23
#10  Data Transfer - A Clue from the Digi-Past!
Data Transfer
#10 Data Transfer - A Clue from the Digi-Past!

Aug 18 2022 | 00:46:23


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Poo warning!! Some cartoon poo in this one folks, beware!


It's our proper release episode, and we're incredibly excited to get this show out to y'all! Audrey and Korla discuss the circle of life, the scourge of mosquitos, retail hell, and just how gosh darn cute Audrey is.

Our second double-protag episode, this time with Mimi and Izzy! Mimi continues to live with her curse of poop creature falling in love with her, but at least this one has a little mouse buddy. She and Palmon quickly end up chased to Izzy's position in a strange ruin filled with markings that the little nerd is trying to decipher. However, his insistence on focusing on the translation task ends up upsetting Mimi pretty bad, causing her to run off with Tentomon in fast pursuit. Centarumon introduces himself, all Black Gear'd up, by attempting to murder Mimi while she doesn't have her digimon with her. With some help from Izzy and Palmon leading them through the maze of a facility, our heroes manage to reunite and smack some sense back into their horsey friend. We even get a juicy lore drop: these kids are part of a prophecy, and they're gonna save the world! Tune in next time for more, folks!

Intro & Outro music: Dating Start! by Toby Fox

Twitter: @rftbAudrey & @KorlaNeumono

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